• 06 Dec 2018 by Global Chamber

    A special thank you to Hugh Hallman for helping to bring Kazakhstan Ambassador Erzhan Kazykhanov to Arizona! Also thank you to AZ Rep. Tony Rivero for his leadership on bringing international leaders to AZ.

    Tucson has a sister city relationship with Almaty, Kazakhstan.

    There were a number of good meetings in the area including with Mayor Rothschild, and then capped off by a dinner in Scottsdale. At that dinner, Hugh hosted leaders from Global Chamber! Thank you!

    The dinner was wonderful! Guests included Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane and Councilwoman Suzanne Klapp.

    See below for some photos of the event. More thanks to our attendees... including Mike Patterson of Spencer Fane, asking a question below! And Tatiana Shcherbinina of Ruspan Communications with the Ambassador and our HQ associate Andy Cho.

    Thanks to all our attendees for taking the time. It was fascinating to hear about what's happening in Kazakhstan including their complex relationship with Russia and China.

    Fun facts... China's President Ji has met with the leader of Kazakhstan 7 times this year. How's that for strategic importance? 

    The prize to the one traveling the furthers to attend... Kimberly Millier, who drove up from Mexico! Dedication!

    Our attendees... I think I got them all...

    1) Hugh Hallman - Berry Riddell and Hallman & Affiliates P.C.

    2) Mike Langley - Global Chamber Phoenix

    3) Susan Shultz - The Board Institute

    4) Bill Papazian - Lightstone Solutions

    5) Vartenin Papazian - Lightstone Solutions

    6) Suzanne Klapp - City of Scottsdale

    7) Kimberly Millier - JKM Business Consultant and Grand Canyon University

    8) Leighton Weston - Creditsafe

    9) Tatiana Shcherbinina - Ruspan Communications

    10) Vinayak Gupta - Zero Mass Water

    11) Karen Bottesch - Bank of America

    12) Marc Pierce - Lee & Associates

    13) Jovan Israel - Creditsafe

    14) Dana Pack - Fogco

    15) Michael Gossie - AZ Big Media

    16) Andy Seung Hyun Cho - Global Chamber

    17) Mel Sanderson - Freeport McMoRan

    18) Joel Barthelemy - GlobalMed (earlier session)

    19) Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber

  • 19 Sep 2018 by Doug Bruhnke

    Global Chamber® Tucson shared all the global resources in Southern Arizona, all together, one time per year at the 2018 Grow Globally Fair Tucson. Thank you to member Kozolchyk National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade (NatLaw) for hosting Grow Globally Fair Tucson!  

    For our keynote speaker this year, we heard from exporter Grant Anderson, President/CEO of Paragon Space Development Corporation, celebrating 25 years in the business of sustaining life in space, from Southern Arizona. Recognized as a leader in the life support in extreme environments field, Grant Anderson has led the systems and conceptual design of multiple spacecraft under contract to Lockheed Martin, NASA, Inspiration Mars Foundation and others. Thank you, Grant!

    And this year we awarded a few specially-selected global business awards for leaders in Southern Arizona going above and beyond. 2018 winners are:

    • Global Finance Leader of the Year: Rodolfo Paredes, R&A CPAs
    • Global Legal Leader of the Year: David Ruiz, MungerChadwick
    • Global Exporter of the Year: Grant Anderson, Paragon Space Development Corp.
    • Global Tribe Leader of the Year: Jan Knight, Bancroft Information Services
    • Global Marketing Leader of the Year: Shelly Glandon, Blue Canoe Marketing
    • Global Logistics Leader of the Year: Val Macias, Val-Ma Enterprises

    Thank you everyone for attending and contributing! In the photo immediately below, JP Martin of Global Chamber Tucson (left) with our award winners Grant Anderson, Shelly 
    Glandon, David Ruiz, Rodolfo Paredes and Jan Knight. You're all amazing!


  • 06 Aug 2018 by Global Chamber

    TUCSON, Arizona, August 5, 2018 – The Southern Arizona Logistics Education Organization (SALEO) is offering several scholarships of $1,000 each for post-secondary study of logistics and supply chain management, transportation, inventory control, warehousing, marketing, logistics management and related areas of study.

    The scholarships are for study at a two- or a four-year institution or for a certificate from an industry-recognized training program. The aim is to enable students to acquire or upgrade skills in logistics and related areas. Each scholarship for full-time students is $1,000 and, for part-time students in these same subjects, $500. 

    The funds awarded will be available for the semester beginning January 2019 or for the following academic year, fall 2019-spring 2020. Applications must be postmarked by September 15.

    The application form is online - by clicking HERE.

    Through 2017, total funds awarded under SALEO’s scholarship program has reached $81,000. The scholarships are funded by proceeds from the annual SALEO Scholarship Tournament and other contributions. The Port of Tucson, which provides access to rail and intermodal container transportation and warehousing, has been title sponsor for the past ten years.

    This year’s tournament will be on October 20, 2018 at Randolph Park’s Dell Urich Golf Course.  For this year’s tournament, sponsorship opportunities are available from $200 up – and golfers may learn more and sign up by clicking HERE.


    BACKGROUND on SALEO ( SALEO is a non-profit organization that, with its corps of volunteers, seeks to advance global and regional logistics through education, networking, and workforce development. It enables southern Arizona logistics providers and users to share best practices and learn about the latest trends and technologies affecting logistics and supply chain management. Logistics and related fields make an important contribution to regional economic growth.


  • 18 Dec 2017 by Global Chamber

    Warm connecting' is a focused, effective way of 'networking' advocated and practiced by Global Chamber®.

    Southern Arizona isn't widely known around the world, and so it's especially important for companies in the region to leverage the network of Global Chamber to grow.

    There are many ways to network. For many of our members, 'warm connecting' is the best because there is some thought about your business goals before making a warm introduction - and the person who is introduced is known and will very likely be interested to meet you. People are too busy these days to take meetings with people they don't know UNLESS the intro is from someone they know AND there appears to be something in it for them, as well.

    Read more about 12 tips on warm connecting HERE. And join us to grow your business in warm and wonderful ways.

    Read more about our members HERE.

    Looking forward to a great 2018!

  • 27 Jun 2017 by JP Martin

    Members of Global Chamber® are amazing AND extraordinary.

    To the left is last night's "League of Extraordinaries" event including members from Tucson and Phoenix... sharing, collaborating, and working together on new opportunities.

    Thank you members for coming together... including Mike Langley of University of Arizona.

    We're all busy working on our own things, but it turns out that the overlaps that we don't necessarily know about open up new doors if we can uncover them. And so last night was EXACTLY how it should work... opportunities abound from sharing and working together. Magical... thank you all!!!

    Not yet a member? Welcome!

    Business value is accelerating for members of Global Chamber®, including 20 multi-metro events that members can attend for FREE. And events like the League of Extraordinaries... for members only. In addition the new advisory board of Global Chamber Tucson has committees on exporting, importing, attraction, education, trade policy and more.

    We're also hosting the 55th President of Mexico on trade & investment at Global Chamber Denver in August.

    Read more about President Fox 8/29-31

    The summer is HOT with new business opportunities from Global Chamber®! Here are some highlights... read below. Join us this summer!

    • June 27: GC Multi-metro Healthcare in Asia
    • July 5: GC Mentor on the Road: Start-up Opportunities Including Funding
    • July 5: GC Mentor on the Road: Women Empowerment USA-India
    • July 18 - GC Global Growth Tips from the C-Suite
    • July 25 - GC Multi-Metro Women in Global Leadership
    • August 15 - GC Multi-Metro Agribusiness Opportunities
    • August 24 - GC Arizona Town Hall Education Input from the Global Tribe
    • August 28 - GC New Opportunities in Africa
    • August 29-31 - GC Global Trade & Investment with President Vicente Fox


    Let's get this growth thing DONE, together.


  • 14 Jun 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    Thank you to the Mexican Consulate of Tucson for hosting our global multi-metro event last Thursday!

    It was the BIGGEST multi-metro event EVER, and we pulled it off! And we had a wonderful audience in Tucson as well.. Read more about each session at the links below, and watch portions of the event, too.

    Special thanks to all the speakers and collaborators!

    Market Entry/Growth Panel Discussion, Part 1

    Read more and watch the video for part 1 HERE

    • Jan Knight, Principal at Bancroft Information Services (Tucson) - "Cross Border Market Research"
    • Hiroshi Konno, President/CEO at Konno Corporation (Tokyo)  - "IoT Trends and Opportunities"
    • Eric Miller, Co-Owner and Principal, PADT (Phoenix) - "Product Development in a Global World"
    • Vinayak Gupta, EVP Operations at Zero Mass Water (Phoenix) - "Growing & Operating Cross Border, Marketing Side"
    • Eduardo Gonzalez, Dep. Trade & Investment Commissioner, Promexico (Phoenix) - "Growing & Manufacturing, US vs Mexico"
    • Gus Scannapieco, CEO, Global Business Ventures (Nashville) - "Next on NAFTA"


    Global Manufacturing Panel Discussion, Part 2

    Read more and watch the video for part 2 HERE

    • Kazuaki Ohishi, Sr. Economist at Institute for Int'l Economic Studies of Toyota (Tokyo) - "Japan-Mexico Business Trends in Automotive"
    • Sumio Otsuji, Toyota Motor Corp. & Institute for Int'l Econ. Studies Tokyo - "Japan-Mexico Business Trends in Automotive"
    • Kirk Gerber, VP Manufacturing at Zero Mass Water (Phoenix) - "Growing & Operating Cross Border, Manufacturing"
    • Eduardo Saavedra, EVP of Business Development at Offshore Group (Tucson) - "Manufacturing in Mexico"
    • Arturo Freydig, CEO of ECN (Hermosillo) - "Automation to Become More Competitive"
    • Luis Ramirez, Principal at Ramirez Advisors Inter-National (Phoenix) - "Cross Border Issues"
    • Arnulfo Martinez, Executive Director at Industrial Development Commission of Mexicali (Phoenix) - "Setting Up Operations"



    The mission of Promexico is to promote the attraction of direct foreign investment and the export of goods and services, as well as the internationalization of Mexican companies in order to contribute to Mexico's economic and social development and strengthen the country's image as a strategic business partner.




  • 23 May 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    "League of Extraordinaries' gathers Global Chamber® members together - a strong reflection of the talented global tribe of business leaders we have in Tucson. This week 15 top service providers in the region from  a variety of professions... legal, commercial real estate, collections, consulting, marketing, insurance, financial services, logistics, ... met at the Mexican Consulate in Tucson to discuss how we can help each other grow.

    In the photo on the left is Mina Goldberg (SALEO), Sonia Vohnout (OppsSpot) and Shelly Glandon (Blue Canoe Marketing) who participated in League of Extraordinaries in Metro Tucson yesterday. All have clients with sophisticated challenges including cross border opportunities.

    It takes a village, and we are the global tribe. Be global and UNSTOPPABLE!

    Check out more photos HERE and overall at our Global Chamber® Tucson facebook page.

    In Metro Tucson we meet as part of the League of Extraordinaries periodically. Watch the calendar, and if you're a member... jump in! Contact us for more information and watch the calendar for the next League of Extraordinaries and more opportunities to grow your business.


  • 30 Apr 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    The 2nd Annual Global Chamber® Tucson Grow Globally Fair is complete. Wow! Thank you to all the attendees!

    Thank you to our wonderful hosts National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade. For a 2nd year in a row... a home run! Watch for the 3rd Annual Fair in April 2018!

    Thank you to Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild for attending, participating and speaking on the global business progress for Tucson and Southern Arizona. Watch for more from the Mayor throughout the year and then at the Mayor's Borderlands Conference October 17th.

    Special thanks to all our members who attended including Jan Knight and Bancroft Information Services, Ryan Flannagan and Nuanced Media, Creditsafe, Munger Chadwick, Wells Fargo Bank, Alliance Bank of Arizona, Thunderbird School of Global Management, University of Phoenix, G&A Advisors, Parra Law Offices, UPS, ProMexico, Consulate of Mexico in Tucson, SALEO and many more!

    And a shout-out to others who attended... some for the first time to a Global Chamber® event. Thank you! Let's talk soon about getting you involved!

    See some of the participants in the event listing HERE and check out pictures below. See even more pictures on the Global Chamber® Tucson Facebook page HERE.

    In addition to carefully tailored warm connections, Global Chamber® Tucson and our 525 locations around the world also deliver events to create further valuable connections.

    And so watch our calendar HERE for events designed for executives at companies in Southern Arizona.

    Thank you members in Southern Arizona - let's GROW!

    Not yet a member? A member looking for additional growth support? Contact me for more information HERE.

    Doug Bruhnke

    CEO/founder of Global Chamber®

    Executive Director of Global Chamber® Tucson




  • 29 Apr 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    We're dedicated to helping you connect from Southern Arizona to global opportunities in Mexico and well beyond.

    Tucson is naturally positioned for business with Sonora, Sinaloa, Chihuahua and Baja. There are other states in Mexico to consider and other countries in Latin America to grow.

    In Mexico our Global Chamber® chapters are in Hermosillo, Guadalajara, Juarez, Chihuahua City and Queretaro.... and growing.

    Global Chamber® also has an extensive presence in the Caribbean and a growing presence in Latin America including in Argentina and Peru. And we have team members across Asia, Africa and Europe as well.

    Pictured - the sign outside member law firm Squire Patton Boggs in Tokyo, nearby Global Chamber® Tokyo in the Hiroo-Ebisu area of metro Tokyo. There are opportunities in Japan for Southern Arizona companies, too!

    To help companies in Southern Arizona connect, and in addition to the warm connections that we create personally, Global Chamber® is also holding more events in Southern Arizona every month. AND we encourage those businesses who are open to attending events in Phoenix to keep an eye on the Tucson calendar for those, too - typically 3-5 per month more.

    We include events on our calendar for collaborating organizations that can help global companies grow.

    And so watch our calendar HERE for more.

    Thank you members in Southern Arizona - let's GROW!

    Contact me for more information HERE.

    Doug Bruhnke

    CEO/founder of Global Chamber®

    Executive Director of Global Chamber® Tucson


  • 14 Feb 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    Global Chamber® Tucson is pleased to participate in a new export promotion program that includes Southern Arizona.. Exporters are encouraged to participate by applying for the new Sun Corridor Export Recognition Program, opening on Valentine's Day! We love exporters in Tucson and across the region!

    The program seeks to raise awareness of how important exports are to the region’s economy and to connect businesses with resources that can help them increase and improve their bottom line through exporting.

    Any exporting business—whether emerging, proficient, or expert—can apply by visiting An evaluation team will assess each business in four categories, including Overall Export Achievement (one business recognized from each of the three counties). Additional categories exist for Veteran, minority, or woman owned businesses.

    All applicants will be introduced to programs in the community that can increase their exporting. The top scoring businesses from each of the three counties will be recognized at the Sun Corridor EDGE (Economic Development for the Global Economy) event on May 19, 2017. The public is invited to attend the event and hear from the top scoring businesses, speakers on international trade, and videos featuring the top scoring businesses.

    Program partners include Central Arizona Governments, Arizona District Export Council, East, Valley Partnership, Global Chamber Phoenix and Global Chamber Tucson, Greater Phoenix Economic Council, Maricopa Association of Governments, Metro Phoenix Export Alliance, Partnership for Economic Innovation, Pima Association of Governments, Sun Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization, Sun Corridor Inc., U.S. Commercial Service, Az Commerce Authority & Western Maricopa Coalition (WESTMARC).

    Applications are due by 3:00 p.m. on March 17, 2017. Registration for the EDGE event will be available soon at The event is hosted by the Joint Planning Advisory Council. The council comprises elected officials and business leaders with the purpose of strengthening the coordination and economies of the Sun Corridor.

    For more information, please contact the Maricopa Association of Governments at (602) 254-6300, or Doug Bruhnke of Global Chamber®.

    Key Dates:

    • Application by March 17, 2017
    • Recognition: May 19, 2017
  • 20 Jan 2017 by Doug Bruhnke

    Eddie Geisel of Tucson-based Modular Mining Systems shared tips and techniques for exporters to grow from Southern Arizona. He knows... he's a Thunderbird graduate and has worked with multiple companies to help them grow globally. These days you'll find Eddie in countries worldwide if he's not in Tucson.

    Modular Mining Systems is the leading provider of information management solutions for open-pit and underground mining operations worldwide. Eddie discussed their success as they've grown... and a variety of tips and techniques that have worked for them and for Eddie over the years.

    Our next event is Grow Globally Fair Tucson 2017 - at National Law Center. Join us for this and other upcoming events.

    About Eddie Geisel

    Eddie is Head of Global Sales for Modular Mining Systems.

    He is a global business development and sales leader skilled at getting global results from start-ups to Fortune 500s.

    His expertise includes: Global Sales Strategy; Advanced Technology Sales, Leadership, C-suite Relationship Cultivation; International Contract Negotiation; Networking; Talent Development; Cultural & Emotional Intelligence.

    Eddie has a BS in Business Adminstration from University of Arizona and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) Global Business Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

  • 05 Jul 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    Global Chamber was pleased to host a delegation from across Latin America last week.

    Business and government leaders discussed trade and finance included representatives from Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Bolivia, Panama, Costa Rica, Paraguay and Peru.

    Each country leader shared their perspectives on opportunities with their country. Our members were honored to make these special connections.

    Thank you to our partner Promexico for attending as well... and Eduardo Gonzalez.

    One of the great values of being part of the global tribe is that we do events like this, have contacts to millions of executives, professionals and leaders across the globe.... and we connect members to new business opportunities every day.

    Many thanks to the U.S. State Department and their International Visitors Leadership Program, adminstered by Global Ties US. We're honored to participate in opportunities like this over the years. Consequently Global Chamber members gain more access to leaders all over the world.

    Read more about the specific leaders HERE.

    Tucson is a bridge to Mexico AND Latin America.

  • 03 Jul 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    We had a wonderful meeting last week with some key members of Global Chamber at the Lodge on the Desert.

    Thank you to all our members... and to the group that came out to discuss our next steps on expanding global business to and from Tucson.

    See more pictures here on Facebook: Global Chamber Tucson

    Thank you! Doug

  • 28 Jun 2016 by Cesar Trabanco

    While we were learning about the historic decision taken by the people of the United Kingdom on its exit from the European Union (“Brexit”) and the uncertain impact this will have on international trade, the state governments of Arizona (USA) and Sonora (Mexico) were announcing their new initiative: The Arizona-Sonora Megaregion.

    This project aims to provide a competitive platform to companies from around the world to invest in this area and benefit from the resources shared by these two inter-country states. The combination of advantages that this region offers is very attractive and seems to be already working. Among these advantages are:

    • Skilled workforce + Competitive costs
    • Modern infrastructure + excellent geographic position
    • Low tax +Support from the government

    The Arizona-Sonora Megaregion focuses on attracting companies from four already well developed industries: Aerospace, automotive, mining and tourism. This project was presented during a business forum organized by the Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC) last Friday, the 24th of June, in Scottsdale, Arizona. The forum had the participation of the governors from both states, the Hon. Claudia Pavlovich (Sonora) and the Hon. Doug Ducey (Arizona). Global Chamber had the opportunity to attend and hear the comments from both governors, along with the participation of the Secretary of Agriculture (SAGARPA) of Mexico, Hon. José Eduardo Calzada. There was a general consensus that this is the best way to promote the region in international exhibitions in order to excel in this competitive world.

    This is a proposal that state governments are building together, taking advantage of the already free trade agreement between United States and Mexico. Arizona and Sonora are sending a powerful message to the world after what happened with Brexit. This type of proposal seems to display a more viable option to promote international trade, which is not dependent on the traditional bureaucracy presented by central governments and where entrepreneurs of the region have greater participation. This trade approach is meant to work for the good of the American and Mexican society while avoiding dealing with internal policies that could trigger social differences as is happening in Europe.

    “We are talking about opportunities while others are talking about problems” stated Hon. Calzada when referring to the negativity brought by the Brexit situation.

    You can learn more about the Arizona-Mexico Megaregion in this article by The Arizona Republic... Grow Trade with Mexico Now (or Regret It Later)

    In the article, Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Claudia Ruiz Massieu answers questions, June 24, 2016, in the Editorial Board room at The Arizona Republic.

    Also see and hear more about Sonora-Arizona Megaregion in this video, here.

    By: Cesar Trabanco, Global Chamber

  • 25 Jun 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    Madame Secretary Claudia Massieu attended the Arizona Mexico Commission Summit this week and was looking to work with businesses to continue the rapid growth of trade between Mexico and the United States.

    A dozen regional leaders met with her for lunch on Friday thanks to the arrangement by Consul General Roberto Rodriguez. Attendees included Jerry Moyes of Swift Transportation, Sharon Harper of Plaza Companies and Lorena Valencia of Reliance Wire & Cable.

    Two main points.

    First Madame Secretary was very interested to hear the ideas of the group about how to continue and expand the progress especially in these times when there are anti-trade forces more active and vocal. Some of the ideas....

    • Work with the young... they get it!
    • Have a strategy to clearly and simply communicate the value of trade
    • Create strong alliances and cooperation between business and goverment

    Second she called on the business community to do our part to communicate the value of binational trade. The press and the public can often latch on to a key dramatic issue and lose touch with the overall importance of trade, and the specifics - the create jobs and success on both sides of the border.

    Speak out. Explain. Try to explain things more on what people care about... jobs, security, family... and why trade helps us on BOTH sides of the border.

    From here Madame Secretary is joining the 'Three Amigos Summit" in Canada this week with the Presidents of the US, Canada and Mexico discussing trade, challenges and opportuities. Read more here:

  • 09 Jun 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    The ASU College of Public Service and Community Solutions will be hosting two Mandela Washington Fellowship Institutes from June 17-July 31, 2016.  The Fellowship is the flagship exchange program of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative

    The 25 Fellows in the Public Management Institute at ASU are young professionals between the ages of 25-35 and represent 20 African countries; they were selected from over 40,000 applications to the Mandela Washington Fellowship.  You can read their brief biographies at  We are looking to match the Fellows with young professionals in the valley who would have an interest in a more personalized learning exchange for at least an hour each week.

    The first session will be held at the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus at 1:00 pm on Wednesday, June 22.  We will present an overview of the Public Management Institute and Peer Collaboration model and introduce the collaborators and Fellows to each other.  The Fellows and collaborators can then schedule their meetings for the following five weeks.  We have blocked the following times to allow the Fellows to travel and meet with their peer collaborators at their offices or other location as agreed upon between the Fellow and the peer collaborator.

    1. Wed, Jun 29, 9:00-12:00
    2. Tue, Jul 5, 1:30-6:00
    3. Wed, Jul 13, 1:30-6:00
    4. Wed, Jul 20, 2:30-6:00
    5. Wed, Jul 27, 1:30-6:00

    To be considered as a possible match for the Fellows, please go to and submit the form by June 15.

    Thank you,


    Hector Zelaya, MBA
    Bob Ramsey Executive Education
    School of Public Affairs
    College of Public Service & Community Solutions | Arizona State University
    502 East Monroe Street | Suite C105 | Phoenix, AZ  85004-4434 | 602-496-1308 |

  • 18 May 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    Source: U.S. Commercial Service

    2016 Q1 export numbers are out and AZ decreased 14% compared to the same period in 2015, while US total exports decreased 6.85%. This can be partially attributed to the strength of the dollar and a strong 2015 Q1. 

    - Kristian Richardson, Director, U.S. Commercial Service in Arizona

  • 18 May 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    by LeAnn Young, Global Chamber Baltimore

    With the vast resources available in the digital world, exporting abroad is no longer just for the big corporations. An increasing number of small U.S. businesses are growing by finding key markets outside the U.S.

    Here are a few items a small business should know:

    Demand: More than 70 percent of the world’s purchasing power is located outside of the United States.

    Profitability: Exporting can be profitable for businesses of all sizes. On average, sales grow faster, more jobs are created, and employees earn more than in non-exporting firms.

    Competitive Advantage: The United States is known throughout the world for high quality, innovative goods and services, customer service, and sound business practices.

    Diversifying Risk: Most companies that export have an easier time riding out fluctuations in the U.S. economy and are more likely to stay in business.

    Inaccurate Assumption: Exporting requires a huge capital outlay and a scale that is too big for most small businesses.

    Truth: A business of any size can make the right connections to enter markets worldwide. Quality, competitive pricing, and business stability are among important global factors.


    Are Global Markets Part of Your Growth Plan?

    Small businesses continue to make the Maryland economy vibrant. In a recent MDBiz news article, Secretary Gill, Maryland Department of Commerce, reported that 97% of all business employers in the state are small businesses. 

    If you are a small business, make sure you consider connecting your business to the rest of the world. Companies across borders want American products and services. Interestingly, less than one percent of America’s 30 million companies export – a percentage that is significantly lower than all other developed countries. And of the U.S. companies that do export, 58% export to only one country. Plenty of global business opportunty awaits companies of all sizes! 

  • 10 May 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    The recent sessions of Arizona Town Hall in Tucson and precursor meetings that included the Global Chamber event "Global Town Hall' provided a forum for regional leaders to discuss the Arizona-Mexico relationship.... opportunities and challenges. The verdict? More opportunity than challenges!

    Read more in the final report HERE.

    Thank you to Arizona Mexico Commission for collaborating with Global Chamber on the pre-event.

    Thank you to Arizona Town Hall for including Global Chamber in the process.

    Thank you to all the participants... including Melissa Sanderson of Freeport McMoRan, and Mike Patterson (below) of Polsinelli.



  • 22 Apr 2016 by Doug Bruhnke

    We were honored to host "Global Town Hall", a Phoenix-area precursor to "Arizona Town Hall" being held April 24-27 in Tucson.

    Thank you to Bank of America for introducing us to the team putting this event on, and we subsequently worked together to stage this event.

    Many thanks to the members who particpated including Mel Sanderson of Freeport McMoRan who will also be at the AZ Town Hall in Tucson.

    This discussion was centered on Mexico-US business, investment and economic development. And the one in Tucson will carry that conversation forward.

    The Phoenix portion this week was a wonderful discussion that was summarized by our facilitators Mary Grier and Patricia Norris. It featured local business, economic development and government leaders and an opening statement by David Farca, President of ToH Design Studio and President for the Arizona-Mexico Commission.

    The output will be used in the session in Tucson. The overall report will be completed and presented to regional leaders with the goal of making progress in the Arizona-Mexico relationship including growing trade.

    The event was a collaboration between Arizona Mexico Commission, Arizona Town Hall, Global Chamber, Global Chamber Phoenix, Global Chamber Tucson, Global Chamber Hermosillo and Global Chamber Queretaro.

    See photos from the session here:

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